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Private Beach?

 2019 in Hyannis: Sign says private.  (My photos) PUCK:  How can a beach be private? I am a crow. I can go there.

What crows can teach us about death | Dr. Kaeli Swift | TEDxSalem

Humans have paid attention to the behaviors of animals around their dead for centuries, but science has only recently given it more serious study.  This talk explores what animals, particularly crows, do around their dead and what this might teach us about the evolution of our own behaviors. 

To learn more about Dr. Swifts research you can check out her blog Kaeli received her Ph.D. from the University of Washington in 2018, where she studied American crow thanatology. She is currently a lecturer in the UW's School of Environmental and Forest Sciences where she teaches ornithology, conservation, and wildlife ecology. 

You can read her popular science articles on her blog,




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My poem is finished then this shark shows up (my caption)


a good thing...

a good thing...

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