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  Frédérique Morrel The French artist Frédérique Morrel was horrified to discover that when her grandmother died, all of her handicrafts were thrown away. Since then, she has been pursuing the idea of bringing her grandmother’s works back to life in order to revive the passion that was inherent in them. In the process, she has developed a completely new artistic concept that “ decycles ” unnoticed and unvalued pop artifacts, thus helping them make the transition to a new life cycle.  ** Thankfully, no animals were harmed in the making of  Frédérique Morrel’s art.  The horns and fur are real; the rest is a mix of taxidermy molds and vintage needlework.  While amusing and perhaps a bit shocking, the trophies that adorn the Seventh Floor are “tame” compared to some of Frédérique’s other work which include life size horses, deer, wild boar and even humans (which they call “ ghosts ”.)  If the artists’ goal is to “re-enchant” our world, then

RIP Uncle Puppy

We are remembering very special people all month, February 2023.

The first is Uncle Puppy, or Hank DeMeyer. He was a fabulous drummer and singer and my uncle.

Henry R. “Hank” DeMeyer Jr.

Spooner, Washburn County, Wisconsin, USA
11 Jul 1977 (aged 62)
Richland, Benton County, Washington, USA
He was flying in to visit his siblings and died at the airport in Minnesota.
Richland, Benton County, Washington, USA

ONLINE: Inside the Mart was a very busy cafeteria. In the back was The Evergreen Room, a nice little nightclub with dance floor and live music by the Hank DeMeyer trio. Hank was Mary Lou Gnoza's dad. She is a well-known local vocalist in the Tri-Cities, Richland, WA. (Facebook)

Hank's parents had immigrated from Belgium.

Hank's Family Members




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a good thing...

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