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Ideas in Motion

How one animation company is fighting AI by returning to the roots of motion pictures via:

Asylum of the Birds

from hazel's blog : the artroom plant

Roger Ballen

Images from Roger Ballen's 'Asylum of the Birds series'.

“In forty years, it is estimated that the numbers of wild vertebrates have fallen by 60%, specifies in the afterword the ornithologist Guilhem Lesaffre, which leads more and more scientists, like Bruno David, director of the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, to fear that we have reached the eve of a sixth mass extinction. In North America, no less than three billion birds have been missing since 1970. This means that in fifty years, one in four birds has disappeared in North America.  In Europe, four hundred and twenty million birds have disappeared in thirty years, for a total number of two billion. 


Will there soon be only art and our poor memories to remind us that one day we cohabited fully with the living? Roger Ballen



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My poem is finished then this shark shows up (my caption)


a good thing...

a good thing...

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