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Private Beach?

 2019 in Hyannis: Sign says private.  (My photos) PUCK:  How can a beach be private? I am a crow. I can go there.

A little bit of weirdness goes a long way

Life as a performance |  EVA & ADELE, the couple who for the past 30 years have comported themselves as a bald, heavily made-up, genderless living artwork from the future



Installation view of works by Oli Watt in  BTWXT #1 at Carrie Secrist Gallery, Chicago (photo by Nathan Keay, courtesy Carrie Secrist Gallery)


Who knew that a duck could be fashioned from a drill battery, a toilet plunger, an orange sand bag, a broken wicker basket, a threadbare baseball cap, a lightbulb, a wooden crutch, an old remote control, a single Converse sneaker, a bunch of crumpled paper bags tied together, a rusty pair of pliers, a stack of flip flops, a dirty mop head, a plastic lighter, a bread roll, a garden hose, or a spray nozzle?


They’re made out of carved wood from downed trees, found objects, plus the occasional purchased part, like pewter feet bought from a specialty taxidermy shop.



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My poem is finished then this shark shows up (my caption)


a good thing...

a good thing...

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