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befriend crows? you can!

 Crows (like PUCK) do like humans ...A LOT!

Little bracelet = big impact


This little bracelet makes a big impact. Each one funds the removal of 20 lbs of waste from rivers and canals. The beads are made from 100% recycled material, 100% of which is the TerraCycle blend—a mix of materials collected by the TerraCycle Global Foundation’s cleanup efforts and the TerraCycle community.

The 6 beads in the center of the bracelet represent the 6 tons of waste that we remove each week from waterways around the world with the help of supporters like you.

A dugong is on the bead joining the cords. Dugongs help fight climate change by cultivating healthy seagrass meadows, but they are a vulnerable species threatened by plastic pollution. Learn more about dugongs.

Each bracelet is lightweight, waterproof, and adjustable. 100% of the proceeds go to funding our work.





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My poem is finished then this shark shows up (my caption)


a good thing...

a good thing...

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