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befriend crows? you can!

 Crows (like PUCK) do like humans ...A LOT!

Artist Joan Grevstad

I met Joan when we were getting co-counselling in Seattle in the early 1990s. We became inseparable. She was an artist. Yes, I lost her and still mourn her... I stayed with Joan and her husband Joe Grevstad (a true Norwegian) in the 1990s at their gorgeous farmhouse in Kent, Washington. The poem I wrote is at the bottom of this post from my book SLEEPS WITH KNIVES.

These are a few photos of her farm house and her art. If I find more *and I hope I do* - I will keep posting...

When I was renting a condo in Redmond on Lake Sammamish, I would drive down on Sundays to see Joan and Joe and we'd watch the HIGHLANDER on TV. I miss her. I really miss her.

Sleeps with Knives Book Cover

My poem for Joan in Sleeps with Knives



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My poem is finished then this shark shows up (my caption)


a good thing...

a good thing...

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