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befriend crows? you can!

 Crows (like PUCK) do like humans ...A LOT!

How to make pom pom with yarn at home


** In this video you will find how to make pom pom balls at home without the pom pom maker. 

*ln the video I am wrapping the yarn around the cardboard circle 200 times. Don't wrap the yarn too tight, keep a loose hand while wrapping. 

*Now cut all the strands carefully with the help of scissors. 

*Secure the pom pom with the thread making 1st knot of 3 loops , 2nd knot a single loop & 3rd knot with single loop. Similarly, tie the pom pom on the opposite end. 

*Remove the cardboard circle from the pom pom. 

*Now shake the ball well and from its one of the tail keep the circle made from paper(as shown in video) in the centre and cut extra strands around it evenly. 

*Similarly, trim extra strands on the opposite end of the ball by placing the circle in the center. 

*Now trim from one of the side with the help of paper and similarly trim on the opposite side of the ball. Your ball is ready.



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a good thing...

a good thing...

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