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How one animation company is fighting AI by returning to the roots of motion pictures via:

Farewell, sweet girl


I pulled my car into my parking space and our young dog came prancing up to greet me, looking very proud of herself. I had left her in her crate with the door latched, because she had eaten the cushion on the couch a few months earlier. She was not trusted alone in the house. So why was she outdoors?

I looked at the front door which was wide open. Oh sh*t. I called the police and told them I thought my house had been burgled and I was afraid to go in. A squad car arrived very quickly and 2 policemen inspected my house and said it looked like a break-in, but most of the valuables were stacked by the door.

My Collie-German Shepard puppy had broken out of her crate and had chased the burglar out of the house. With a prompt report, the police put out a bulletin and caught him later that day.

We never put her back in the crate again. She was well behaved and hadn’t even run away when outside the house on her own.

We put her to sleep this week at the old age of 16. She had a wonderful adventurous life. She peed in 48 states and 5 Canadian provinces. She swam in the Atlantic, Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico, all 5 Great Lakes and many lakes, ponds, streams, and mud puddles in between.

Farewell, sweet girl. 




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My poem is finished then this shark shows up (my caption)


a good thing...

a good thing...

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