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Seminole Nation Museum - Wewoka, Oklahoma on American Artifacts

Be Sad. Otis recommends...

Caitlyn writes:

Wonder is always accessible, even in the depths of sadness or depression. You might not always be able to find it in the trees or the butterflies, but you can always find it somewhere, often in the sadness itself.  Even in the pain and despondency. Even in the car exhaust and the tattered billboards. Even in the background shimmering of existence. It's always there to be found, you just might have to zoom out or zoom in your camera in order to find your access point to it.

There's always wonder. There's always beauty. And thank god, because what a shame it would be if this world did end without our having marvelled at it and appreciated its majesty. That might be our only purpose. Did you ever think of that? Perhaps we're only here to witness and marvel. Might as well be good at it.





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a good thing...

a good thing...

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