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  Frédérique Morrel The French artist Frédérique Morrel was horrified to discover that when her grandmother died, all of her handicrafts were thrown away. Since then, she has been pursuing the idea of bringing her grandmother’s works back to life in order to revive the passion that was inherent in them. In the process, she has developed a completely new artistic concept that “ decycles ” unnoticed and unvalued pop artifacts, thus helping them make the transition to a new life cycle.  ** Thankfully, no animals were harmed in the making of  Frédérique Morrel’s art.  The horns and fur are real; the rest is a mix of taxidermy molds and vintage needlework.  While amusing and perhaps a bit shocking, the trophies that adorn the Seventh Floor are “tame” compared to some of Frédérique’s other work which include life size horses, deer, wild boar and even humans (which they call “ ghosts ”.)  If the artists’ goal is to “re-enchant” our world, then

Star Stories of The Dreaming

Star Stories of The Dreaming - 90m from Eleanor Gilbert on Vimeo.

When ancient knowledge held by the oldest culture on earth meets modern astrophysics and new concept is born – cultural astronomy.
'Star Stories of The Dreaming' reveals the oldest knowledge on the planet. Increasingly Aboriginal people in Australia are being recognised as the first astronomers and we are transported into this ethereal world of humanity's heritage.
“When I listen to my grandmother ... she was taught by her grandmother who was an old woman when the whiteman first come into our Country and she taught my grandmother. In our way of teaching we skip a generation. That's how we compress knowledge and that's how we keep that knowledge pretty much intact." Ghillar, Michael Anderson

In the meeting of minds between Ghillar and Professor Ray Norris, Australia's leading astrophysicist responsible for EMU – Evolutionary Mapping of the Universe, extraordinary parallels emerge in the two cultures - such as 'wormholes' and the pathway to Bullima, the Euahlayi Sky Camp, via the hollow Coolabah tree, which lives on the riverbank in the Milky Way.
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Under big skies Ghillar relays 'Star Stories of The Dreaming' for:
Wurrum-boorrool Big river in the sky (Milky Way)
Mil-Mulliyan Eye of the Creator – Venus – Evening star
Mulliyan-gar Eye of the Creator - Morning Star - Mars
Goolee-bhar Coolabah tree hollow, way to Bullima, the Sky Camp – Coalsack Dark nebula
Moo-dthe-gar White cockatoos – 5 Stars of Southern Cross
Goomar-why Sacred Fire near coolibah tree– Alpha Centauri Pointer of Southern Cross
Birringooloo Mother Nature – Bhiamie's wife
Gunumbielie 2nd wife of Bhiaime. The Caterer who now lives at Goomar-why, Sacred Fire
Wunnargudjilwon 3rd wife of Bhiaime - Large Magellanic Cloud
Gwaimudthun & Gweeghular – Night & Day– Dark & Light - moieties – 19 mile plain, Brewarrina
Garwaar-ghoo - Featherless Emu - Dark nebulae in Milky Way, Dust lanes and Galactic bulge
Bahloo - Moon, Waan – crow; Oolah – wood geckco
Yhi – sun
Mei Mei – Seven Sisters – Pleiades – Narran Lake and surrounding lakes;
Bigoon – water rat; Gayadharri – platypus, Ghay-gharn - wood duck
Birray Birray – Brothers – Orion's Belt
Womba Womba yiraay Crazy Old Man at his camp - Aldebran
Wirrawilbaarru – Whirly wind – Bad spirits travels inside the whirlywinds – they live behind Scorpio and enter in and out is through black holes in Scorpio;
Star maps/astral navigational waypoints – two chains of waterholes – Beta Sagittarii to Gamma

Classification exempt (for educational use). Enlightning recommends General Exhibition.



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