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Foliage-Loving Influencers Turn Life in Vermont Town Into Hell

The town of Pomfret is restricting access to a popular photo spot after complaints of excessive traffic, trespassing, and noise. -    Rhea Nayyar   One of thousands of photos capturing the idyllic Sleepy Hollow Farm in Pomfret, Vermont (photo by Anthony Quintano via Flickr ) Hold off on the riding boots and camel-brown scarves! One exasperated New England town has officially approved temporary vehicle restrictions on two roads after a plot of private property became a worldwide content farm for what’s known as “ Christian Girl Autumn ,” a curated social media aesthetic centered on the beauty of changing leaves, fall attire, seasonal treats, and cozy vibes. The town of Pomfret, Vermont, has seen an unprecedented surge in fall foliage fans, known as “peepers,” since its Sleepy Hollow Farm became an influencer destination in recent years. However, complaints of trespassing, invasive drone activity, littering, a

if you’re curious (and have a cool $1 million)


This unique bookstore and ranch needs a new owner (with $1.52 million to spare).

January 28, 2022 : I have a terrible habit of going on the internet and looking at properties I can’t afford. (A hobby many of my fellow millennials share, I’m sure.) From my cramped Brooklyn apartment with pots of spaghetti piled haphazardly in the kitchen, I like to criticize the design choices of millionaires (Otis does too) on the Upper West Side (Otis does this literally anywhere). And sometimes I set my search a little wider and dare to dream of running away from the city and everyone I know and starting a life anew.

If you are feeling similarly stir crazy, perhaps this listing for Singing Wind Ranch will appeal to you, too. Located in Benson, Arizona, this gorgeous 500-acre property is for sale. For a cool $1.52 million, you can have a working cattle ranch of your very own! Just think of all the perks: fresh milk! You can reenact City SlickersBut wait—there’s more!

Singing Wind Ranch is home to Singing Wind Bookshop, which opened in 1974. It’s a little bit off the beaten path, but that hasn’t stopped people from visiting (and re-visiting) the shop. I imagine stumbling upon a bookstore in the desert is a little bit like a perfect mirage—something magic. Plus, Singing Wind Bookshop is home to the largest collection of Southwest literature in the entire country!

The original bookstore/ranch owner, Winn Bundy, sadly passed in 2020. (I went on a little bit of a deep dive about her fascinating life, and if you’re curious about how someone started a bookstore in the middle of nowhere and turned it into somewhere—hint: with $600 she earned from dog-sitting two naughty German Shepherds—read on.) Her family is dreaming of a buyer who is also a book lover to keep her legacy alive. Could it be you?

[via The Arizona Daily Star]



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